RCIA 2015 | Go Live Your Faith

Our Lady of Snows Parish

Baptism Class of 2015

As one that was recently baptized in 2014, I wished that I had pictures of me being baptized. As my gift to each of you elect, I took pictures of each of your being baptized, capturing that special moment for each of you. If you want copies, please right click on the image(s) you want, and click "Save Image As..." to download them to your computer.

I also have a downloadable link for the reflection I wrote that Father Tony read during the Homily. That may be found at the bottom of the page. Again, no strings attached, my gift to each of you.

May you all be blessed and Go Live Your Faith as you feel called to do.

The night began shrouded in darkness and mystery, with just a flame passed from person to person to light the way. The eternal light coming soon, eagerly being awaited as the thirst for living water grew ever stronger.

Fr. Tony begins the sacrament of baptism

Preparing the living water for the elect

The Sacrament of Baptism

In the name of the Father....

And the Son....

And the Holy Spirit.

Alleluia! Alleluia!

We welcome our newest members to the Church, as we celebrate this event happening throughout the world. The revival of new life, the cycle is complete. Life begins anew.

Please click the button below to download your copy of "The RCIA Journey' as my gift to you!