Letting Go Of Dreams | Go Live Your Faith

Letting Go Of Dreams

Today, I let some dreams die.

I didn’t let them die unrequited deaths, but indeed they did need to die.

I dreamt I would one day own a house.

Today, I realized I do, in fact, own a house. It may not be the best house on the block, but it is a house and one that I am quite comfortable being in. I have achieved a dream and didn’t even recognize it.

I dreamt one day I would have a beautiful family.

Today, I realized that I do, in fact, have a beautiful family. I have a wife that I love dearly and that loves me equally. I have children who I care about, regardless of if they are of my own blood or not. The dream of having a family, although not a perfect family, is still realized and one that I must recognize.

I dreamt that I would own a car that I love to drive.

I have to say that I love my little Jeep, even with its quirks and such. Is it perfect? No, but it serves to remind me that I can get there from here, and it doesn’t have to be a perfect ride to arrive at the destination.

You see, I think that we get caught up chasing our dreams too much, without stopping to realize that those dreams have been achieved.

Cherish the achievement of a dream, because many in the world don’t even have the opportunity to even think they could one day achieve the dreams I have mentioned.

Do I desire to refine these achievements?

Of course!

I would be remiss to say that I do not desire to refine and better these dreams.

But these dreams are realized, and that very fact should, and is, being celebrated.

After all, if I do nothing more with advancing and bettering upon these realized dreams, I have still accomplished dreams I have had since I was young.

You see, it’s not about the McMansions, or the Lambos, or the trophy wife and 2 ½ children that make me who I am.

It is the achievement of dreams that make me who I am.

My house is well lived in and has the warmth that a HOME can only provide.

My family is multi-faceted, a true representation of all facets of a beautiful diamond.

My car gets me everywhere I want to go, faithfully and with the determination of my own soul.

What more could I ask for? This is truly more than what I could dream for in my life, and I, finally, can be content.

Can I desire more money?


Does that mean that I’ll chase money and abandon my dreams?

Absolutely not!

My dreams are realized, and money can come and go. Dreams realized are something permanent, and don’t dissipate with the fog of the morning. 

I am fully awake, living in my dreams.

It has taken a lifetime (well, it’s a lifetime to me!) to realize that true gratitude comes when you stop dreaming and start realizing that your dreams have come true, more than you could imagine.

So for those who are chasing dreams that they may already have achieved, I say take a moment. 


Check where you are in life. You may be much further along than you think.

And when you do realize that you are further along than you think, take a moment to be truly grateful for what you have achieved and where you are in life.

You see, once I realized where I was in my dreams, I could let them ‘die’ so that I could focus on the one thing that matters.