Help Ducky Defeat Cancer!

As many of you may already know, Nick (aka Ducky) was diagnosed with cancer under the tongue and along his neck on December 13, 2019.

What makes this worse is that two weeks prior to this, Nick lost his job and his health insurance to help cover any costs that he is incurring as he goes through this medical journey to defeat cancer.

Who's Ducky?

Ducky is the nickname given to Nick from Wendy (seen on the left) shortly after they started talking and dating long distance.

The picture you see at the top of the screen is a cross stitch pattern that Nick made for his mother as a gift, and he took a picture to send to Wendy. She started calling him Ducky shortly after that, and it stuck.

Wendy and Nick have known each other since they met in the 3rd grade, but didn't start dating until they were both 50!

P.S. This is the first picture of them together. Don't they look cute together?

Ducky needs your help. You see, Nick cannot speak very well because of where the cancer is located.

Currently, there is a lump under the right side of his tongue that makes his words sound very mumbled, and the cancer seems to be along the right side of his throat, constricting the vocal cords as well.

Makes it difficult to do any type of job interview, and frankly, who would hire someone that may have to go into the  hospital shortly after being hired because of cancer?

How can you help?

Obviously, your prayers, good thoughts, and well wishes are welcome, and those should always be first.

But perhaps you want to do more than just pray (although prayer is powerful, and 'just praying' is a powerful start), and want to help financially.

There are a couple of ways we currently have that will help out.

The most obvious way is to donate money. We have a button below that will take you to Paypal, where you can donate to help Nick.

Another way you can help is by clicking on the big blue button below (try saying THAT out loud three times fast!), you will be directed to a sales page to purchase a #DuckyStrong decal for $10.00. These will all be made by Nick, and mailed out to you from him, with a thank you note to boot!

We truly appreciate anything you can do to help during this time. Just know that your donation will go direct to Nick (and Wendy!) to use for household and medical bills. 

Thank you, and God Bless.