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Candidates and Catechumens: The RCIA Journey Continues

Candidates and Catechumens: What happens after Inquiry? So now you have gone through the Rite of Inquiry as part of your Rite of Christian Initiation journey, and you have a new “title”. You are no longer an Inquirer, you are either a Candidate or a Catechumen. Each has its own meaning, and a particular path […]

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Picking a Sponsor: What You Should Expect – RCIA

Picking a Sponsor: What You Should Expect   So you’ve signed up and want to become Catholic. You’ve signed the cards, gone to the first couple of sessions in the summer, and are ready and waiting for the fall to begin so you can begin the journey. However, you are a bit apprehensive because the journey […]

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The Inquiry Stage

The Inquiry Stage So now you have fully decided to take the plunge. You went to one of the pre-RCIA meetings in the summer, met the team, and filled out one of the forms they gave you. You may have done some research about what RCIA is about, and thought that it was something that […]

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The Pre RCIA Experience

The Pre-RCIA Experience When we hear about RCIA, what exactly does that mean to the average Catholic? For those who are cradle Catholics, and have not really been in touch with bringing those outside the church in, it may be a totally foreign experience. Some may not even know or really understand what the process […]

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