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Letting Go Of Dreams

Today, I let some dreams die. I didn’t let them die unrequited deaths, but indeed they did need to die. I dreamt I would one day own a house. Today, I realized I do, in fact, own a house. It may not be the best house on the block, but it is a house and […]

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The Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son   This story, this parable, talks about a man with two sons. One decides he wants his inheritance now, so the father divides up his property between the two sons. I am certain many people have heard this story, but have rarely had it hit them personally. It’s just a good story […]

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Catholics vs. Protestants – What’s the Difference?

Sharing Faith Between Denominations This week, I have started to learn more about different denominations under the umbrella of the Christian faith. I’m not doing this because I want to change my denominations (I am very happily Catholic), but more so to find out what our commonality is between the denominations. I feel that the […]

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Forgiveness: The Path To Freedom

Letting Go I have been hearing this phrase quite a bit lately, and in fact saying it to myself and others, but what exactly does it mean? We hear this phrase so many times in many different forms, but what does it mean from a faith point of view? I believe it is about forgiveness, […]

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The Pre RCIA Experience

The Pre-RCIA Experience When we hear about RCIA, what exactly does that mean to the average Catholic? For those who are cradle Catholics, and have not really been in touch with bringing those outside the church in, it may be a totally foreign experience. Some may not even know or really understand what the process […]

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