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Four Ways To Live A Faith Filled Marriage

By Nick P.

Having experienced a marriage that was anything but faith filled, I can tell you I am truly blessed to be with someone whose faith is aligned with mine.

It truly is important to have your faith aligned, especially if you are wanting to live a God-centered life. Having both spouses focused on faith, and living in that faith, helps strengthen the marriage in many different ways.

How does it help you to stay focused and strengthen the marriage?

Glad you asked.

Here are four ways my wife and I continue to find ways to keep our marriage faith filled.


Prayer is very important for an individual, but can you imagine how important it is in a marriage? I don’t mean praying for your spouse, but praying with your spouse.

For example, my wife and I do our best to pray daily, usually in the morning. We try to make it part of our routine. I will usually make coffee in the morning, as I am an early riser, and wake up my wife with a cup of coffee. After allowing her a moment to wake up, and take the coffee cup, we pray together.

We pray The Lord’s Prayer, dividing it between each other. I will then pray Hail Mary, which I find comforting because of my Catholic roots. My wife will then pray Glory Be (or the Gloria Patri), and then I will finish up with an ‘off the cuff’ prayer to help us focus on our day.

We both find peace in this, and it takes us about five minutes, at the most. However, it allows us to connect to God in the morning together, and brings us closer together as we focus on our faith first thing.

Reading the Word

It’s also important to help feed each other through the Word of God. That means reading the Bible together. There are many couples I know who will read in the same room, quietly, as they work through different parts of the Bible.

For me and my wife, we like to finish our day with me reading aloud from the Bible. She finds it very relaxing for me to read to her, and at the same time we are feeding each other the Word. I enjoy reading aloud, so it works out great.

While we are currently working through Psalms, it doesn’t have to be any one book of the Bible, although I do recommend taking Leviticus in bits and pieces if you’re going to work through that together. I will usually read aloud two Psalms, or three if they are relatively short.

Studying The Word

When my wife and I were first a couple, we tried going through a comprehensive Bible study together, and found because we were not  disciplined enough for that yet.

However, I found a short study, a devotional, can allow you to get in touch with the Word on a deeper level and be  exactly the way to go.

For example, I recently picked up the latest version of The Upper Room and have been working through this with her. It’s an easy devotional, with a small scripture reading and prayer afterwards. It’s about a five minute process, but it helps us have a discussion that may last throughout the day.

Worshipping Together

Worshipping as a couple is important for both of us. While we can worship separately, we really feel connected when we are in worship together, celebrating the Word of God together.

We feel it’s integral to our relationship as a couple, and also helps us to keep God in the center of our marriage. When we are unable to worship together, it feels a bit diminished for each of us, because we were not able to bring our union before God that week. That is how important worshipping together is for each of us.

One Step At A Time

Did we start doing all these at once?


While we were courting, we were praying together on the phone, which is how we started our relationship with each other, and brought God to the center of the relationship.

After we were married and were able to be together, worshipping became part of our relationship, in addition to our established daily morning prayer. Because my wife works at the church we attend, there are times when we are unable to worship together. This makes the times we are able to worship together more fulfilling.

As far as reading the Word, I decided one evening to read from the Psalms, and we both found great comfort. We are still working through the Psalms, but I will also read from other parts of the Bible. I even had a ‘random’ night. I am able to do this because I read from an app on my Kindle, but it can be from any format. Many couples enjoy different translations of the Bible, so find one that works for you, and the format you both will enjoy. Or perhaps you read from varying translations to discuss the differences?

In studying the Word, we are also studying together as we read through the Psalms. We are finding how God is working in our life, helping us to grow deeper in our faith, while the Word comes alive for us through situations in our life.

Pay Attention

Not all of these will work for you. In fact, I strongly encourage you to focus on one thing at a time. If you already worship together and feel fed and connected through that, great. Praying together may work for you, especially if you are like my wife and I, who hold hands in church. It’s as if we are in continual prayer during worship.

Reading aloud from the Bible may not be for you. I happen to enjoy reading from the Bible, and can read well, having been a lector in the Catholic church. However, this is not for everyone. If that’s the case, perhaps reading quietly together the same book of the Bible, and discussing it afterwards may be something that will work for you.

Or perhaps you and your spouse can go deeper by studying the Word together, either through a devotional or a deeper study.

Whatever helps you to dive deeper into the Word as a couple and grow your faith together can only help strengthen the marriage. Each day that we pray together, that we speak about the Word, or find ways to study the Word helps us to grow together, bringing us closer into the marriage we feel God called us to be in.

What else works for you?

I know these are just four examples, and I’m sure there are many others I have not touched on. We would love to hear how you and your spouse find ways to live out a faith filled marriage. Please put them in the comments below and God Bless.