Living Your Faith In Today's World

Go Live Your Faith:

Living Your Faith in Today's Modern World

If your journey has brought you this far, welcome! I am so pleased to be able to journey with you as we live out our faith. You will find many different ways to grow your faith here, be it podcast, blog, or readings. 

So let's journey together, and share our faith as we walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

Guides To Light The Way

About Me

If you are struggling to find your voice and tell your story about your journey to faith, please take a moment to read my own journey and understand that you are not alone. Each story is special and unique as we find our way to faith.


Here is where you can read about faith sharing on the Scriptures, other people's journeys to faith, how they came to conversion, or if they were born into their faith and how they live it out. We also discuss different ideas and ways for living out our faith.

Interactive Quizzes

Looking for ways to test your knowledge of some of the more well known stories from the Bible?
Try our interactive quizzes and see how well you do!